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Lil’ ol’ fashioned me

28 Sep

As young as I am I’m a lil ol’ fashioned. Roll out the Kodak film!!

1. I like to be wooed and pursued. Its a sweet reminder that you’re the man and I’m the wanted.


2. I like a guy who initiates a kiss & conversation. Talking for me is intimacy.


3. I like a guy to open and close the door for me.


Oooh! A chivalrous man is sexy.

That’s why the James Bond franchise is a success, generation after generation. Majority of the world’s population are women. You didn’t REALLY think that the Bond Franchise is successful because all the men of the world clubbed together to watch James Bond in action. Really?! Seriously?! This is not a KFC world. Women LOVE James Bond and want to be the Bond girl. That’s why!!


I guess old fashion is fashionable. Respect and courtesy are rare qualities but a bonus. Take it from a girl guys…You can thank me later!


26 Feb

Glamour! Glamour! Glamour! Now that’s Estée Lauder. On Thursday I attended the Supreme Launch. Estée Lauder met & exceeded my expectations; upon arrival I was welcomed with drinks. The ambiance and excitement in the air was tangible, I knew then that we were all in for a great time.

It was all fun and games until Lucia pulled us to the stage to join her…

Oh! The horror!!!

Did I mention the powerhouse of Estée Lauder women who were present?

I was inspired as the next generation

Thank you Estée Lauder, for introducing me to your world and giving me a glimpse of how it feels to be part of the family. It’s been an amazing and a priceless experience I hold dear. You have exceeded my expectations and your generosity is humbling. Thank you for giving me this opportunity during this competition to represent such a powerful brand. I’m inspired and fired up to be me, beautiful, just the way I am.

Thank you!

Your supremely fabulous chick



24 Feb
It’s on, countdown is reaching the end. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SUPPORT ME!! Time is running out. I need the votes. It only takes 2 minutes
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23 Feb

I’m soooooo excited! This is BIG!

Michelle is the youngest freelancer in the country with over 100 interviews and tons of exclusives. This month she is featured in Seventeen magazine as South Africa’s “up-and-coming teen celebrity”. Whoop! Whoop! Go Michelle!! She has a unique hobby, check out her new vector pic of Nicki Minaj

She has done cartoon for Rachel Ray, Uyanda Mbuli, Nonhle Thema, Giuliana Rancic, Alexa Hand of Jerseylicious  and Kelly Osbourne. This is too legendary!

She made me a cartoon too!!! That’s me!! Thank you MishInformed!! I should give her a name like Beyonce is Sasha-Fierce on stage….maybe next time.

You would agree she’s super talented! Go get a copy of Seventeen Magazine. And let’s show some love to local talent.



23 Feb

To all of you who have already voted and shared with their family and friends, Thank you!  I want to be Estée Lauder Beauty Glamour Girl. Please vote for me. It’s simple, click on the link below and vote for me.

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21 Feb

I love talking to young girls. I enjoy hearing the sweet dreams of potential. I personally believe that the next generation can only be better with guidance. I don’t have it all worked out, but there are life lessons worth sharing.

Last week I had the privilege of going to Alexandra High School. The girls were amazing! Their sense of ambition and hope challenged me.

I realised that I lived in a bubble. It’s true that you don’t know what you have until you see someone with less. I found myself, by default of having a lot at my disposal, wrapped in selfishness. There were things I took for granted and now I understand that I have much so I can give back much. There is a bigger world beyond me and mine.

I was given a reality check! Society is all about me, what I can get and get for me at whatever the cost. I just want to challenge you to give back not just your money, but also this priceless commodity…your time.

I’m not talking about changing the world in one day, but by touching & changing one life at a time. Now that’s glamorous!



20 Feb

Hello Friends,


I am one of the 10 finalists of the Estée Lauder Beauty Glamour Girl. Please vote for me. Voting just takes 2 minutes. It’s simple, click on the link below and vote for me.

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