Lil’ ol’ fashioned me

28 Sep

As young as I am I’m a lil ol’ fashioned. Roll out the Kodak film!!

1. I like to be wooed and pursued. Its a sweet reminder that you’re the man and I’m the wanted.


2. I like a guy who initiates a kiss & conversation. Talking for me is intimacy.


3. I like a guy to open and close the door for me.


Oooh! A chivalrous man is sexy.

That’s why the James Bond franchise is a success, generation after generation. Majority of the world’s population are women. You didn’t REALLY think that the Bond Franchise is successful because all the men of the world clubbed together to watch James Bond in action. Really?! Seriously?! This is not a KFC world. Women LOVE James Bond and want to be the Bond girl. That’s why!!


I guess old fashion is fashionable. Respect and courtesy are rare qualities but a bonus. Take it from a girl guys…You can thank me later!


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